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3 simple steps optimized to get you your cash fast!


Free Quote

Simply select your device type– brand/ model– carrier– size and condition. Receive an immediate offer based on the item details and condition. Then just enter your information and choose between instant Paypal transfer, Amazon gift card or Check.


Ship Item(s)

Shipping to Phone Pros is always free! Just print our pre-paid USPS shipping label(sent to your email) and pack/ship using your own box. Also, we can send a free shipping kit containing a prepaid mailer(adds 4-5 days to payment time). Tracking is available on both from start to finish.


Get Paid

Our team will inspect your item once received and if everything matches the quote description we’ll release payment using your chosen method. With our awesome Payment Forecaster you can know exactly when you can expect your payment for each method.

You can track the status of an item by entering your email address below.