How to pack your device when shipping to us:

If you recently decided to sell your cell phone or iPad to us using your own box and our free prepaid shipping label, its important that you properly pack your device and apply the shipping label correctly. This helps you by helping us identify your device more quickly so that you can get paid faster. Here’s a few simple steps to take that should help make the packing/shipping process quick and easy:

Step 1

Find a strong box that is a suitable size, just big enough to comfortably fit your item. Then print out the prepaid shipping label from your initial confirmation email, and attach it to the sturdy box. If you’ve ordered a free shipping kit, please allow 2-5 business days for the kit to arrive in the mail.

Step 2

Pack your item carefully using plenty of packing materials. Just use some common sense and plenty of cushioning materials (like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper or air filled packing pillows) to pack the device in the box. Before you tape it up, please make sure your item won’t slip or move around in the box.

-We strongly recommend you to back up all data before resetting your device, and delete all personal data before packing.

Step 3

Apply the shipping label correctly by making sure the barcode is flat and readable, not bent over the package edge. This helps you by helping us identify your device more quickly so that you can get paid faster. Then simply seal your box and drop it off at the nearest USPS Post Office location. 

-Please make sure to hand off to a USPS worker only and have your package scanned for faster tracking.

-Its important to remember that all electronics decline in value over time. If your package is postmarked 21 days or more after initial trade-in, our prices may have changed.


  • Remove any SIM or SD Cards: If your phone has a SIM Card or SD Card, please remove them before sending.
  • Deactivate Your Account: If your phone does not have a SIM Card, it is very important for you to deactivate your phone with your current carrier. If we receive your phone and it is still active on your personal account, our offer will be lowered to the POOR CONDITION(due to BAD ESN), no matter the physical condition of the device. Check with your current carrier to find out how to deactivate your phone line.
  • Charge your device: Please charge your phone battery before sending, and turn off the item before sealing your box. This will help speed things up when we receive your package so you get paid faster.
  • Save all personal information data & files: We strongly recommend backing up and removing all personal information from your device. We will still wipe your phones data for your protection, however its always best to do this before sending to us.
  • Send just the phone or tablet only: Please do NOT send us any extra accessories or additional items that are not mentioned in your trade-in confirmation. We only need the phone/device itself.
  • And just for good measure, please note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PRODUCT REPORTED LOST OR STOLEN.

We will notify you immediately after receiving your item. As always, if you have any questions along the way, you can always check the status of your trade-in using our on-site tracking. You can also contact us through phone or email for direct help.


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