How to turn off Activation Lock on iOS7:

iOS7 has quickly become a typically well-liked companion to the Apple iPhone, but there are some new features that have gone a bit under the radar. One of those is the new activation lock feature attached to your iCloud account, specifically “Find My iPhone”. Essentially, once Find my iPhone is turned on, so is activation lock and if your phone is ever stolen.. your Apple ID and Password will be required to re-activate the phone, even if it is restored in DFU mode. This new security feature is great for users who want an additional level of protection from thieves, however if you intend to sell your device (and your on iOS 7.0-7.0.3) you are now required to either turn off find my iPhone, or just sign out of your iCloud account both of which require your Apple ID and password. Before selling your phone, always do a backup in iTunes first, then turn off activation lock by deleting your iCloud account. Last you always want to clear your ESN before selling to the next person.

To turn off Activation Lock:

-Open Settings
-Scroll down, click “iCloud”
-Scroll down, click “Delete Account”
-Click “Delete” on confirmation
-Enter your Apple ID and Password as requested

This will simply remove your iCloud account from the phone and also remove the activation lock for a new user to put theirs in place of yours, legally. If you have already sold and shipped your iPhone us, you can still turn off iCloud remotely using

To sign out of iCloud remotely:

-Open in your browser and sign in with your Apple ID
-Open “Find My iPhone” and click “Devices”. You will then see a list of your devices attached to your Apple ID. (It may take some time to load/find your devices)
-Select the device you’ve sold to us and click the X button next to it to unattach it from your Apple ID. You should now see a confirmation alert. Click on “Remove” to confirm.

We wont be able to pay for iPhones with Activation Lock turned-on, since it might be possible that the device is stolen, so you can simply choose either two methods above to turn-off Activation Lock, and prepare your iPhone for resale and quick payment.

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  1. I think this is perfect and point to point guide of bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone.

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