Payment Forecaster

So when should you expect your payment from Phone Pros? By using our Payment Forecaster you can know exactly how long. Simply enter your preferred shipping / payment methods and the forecaster will adjust the expected payment date range accordingly. Typically we pay within 3 days after receiving, evaluating and confirming your device.

Choose any combination of pay and shipping method you like - your payment speed is completely up to you!

Step 1: What is your preferred shipping method?

You can either print our pre-paid label and send your item today, or we can send you a pre-paid shipping kit (Adds 4-5 days)

Step 2: When do you want to ship your package?

Choose a date to ship your package to BuyMax.

Please remember! We must receive your item within 21 days to lock-in your quoted price. After receiving your shipping kit, please try to ship within 10-15 days of the initial quote to make sure it arrives here on time.

Step 3: How do you want paid?

BuyMax gives you 3 different payment options to choose from: Choose between instant PayPal transfer, check or Amazon giftcard.

Paypal is the fastest option since we process all paypal payments first, before all others. Second is Amazon gift card and then a mailed check. Checks are typically shipped out within 3-4 days after confirmation of your device condition.

Estimated payment date range is...

Based on printing your own pre-paid label, shipping your package on or before 2/25/2013, and choosing electronic gift card as your preferred payment method.

* Payment dates not guaranteed to Hawaii and Alaska residents.

You can track the status of an item by entering your email address below.