Apples New iPad Air Sales Look Better Than Expected

Its been about two weeks since Apple released the 5th generation iPad which as most know has been announced as the iPad Air. We actually like the new name with the similarity to Macbook Air of course and as the name states, this iPad comes in 20% thinner than the previous 4th generation and weighs in at just 1 pound. The new iPad Air will come with the expected 9.7″ Retina display and is available in iPhone 5s like colors of Space Gray and Silver/ White. Starting price will be the same $499 for the 16GB versions, with the 4G LTE carrier versions starting at $629.

Shipped out on November 1st worldwide, it has been loosely reported by Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry that sales for iPad Air have seemingly exceeded expectations at seven Apple Stores across California, Washington and Illinois (specifically Chicago)..with the Wifi only model outselling the Cellular version at around 5 to 1. Even though Apple has yet to comment or announce the first weekend sales, it seems like things may be looking good for their newest iPad.

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