How To Sell Old Cell Phones, iPhones, iPods and iPads in 2014:


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At this time, if you have an old iPhone or Android smartphone and need to sell it, you still basically have these five main options to sell your old Cell phones, iPhones, iPods or iPads for actual cash (not store credit):

1. Sell to friends or family: 

Selling your old cell phone to someone you know can be the best option since you won’t have to worry about trust, and you won’t have to deal with a stranger. However, because of your close relationship, you may also not end up with the price you want since friends and family tend to expect a friendly discount.

2Sell on Craigslist:

Trying to sell old cell phones on Craigslist can also be a good option if you don’t mind putting in a bit of work posting the ad and then following up with more legwork, dealing with a possibly large volume of calls or texts directed to your personal phone number. If you’ve ever dealt on craigslist before you’ll know that you will get a large number of hagglers and traders who have no money but plenty of time to waste. Also, once you actually meet up with a potential buyer, there’s a good chance they will try to lower the discussed price or start firm negotiations which can end up very awkward for someone not used to negotiating or dealing with strangers. 

3. Sell to a local pawnshop or automated mall kiosk:

To sell your cell phone(or just about anything) today in your home city, you can always go to your local pawnshop. The pawnshop is always willing to buy smartphones, but be prepared to accept low pawn shop prices. The same can be thought of the newest automated kiosks that are starting to show up in malls around the country. These machines will buy your phone and give you cash the sameday, just like the pawnshop but in a little cooler way. Again though, expect pawnshop level or lower pricing from these machines so you may want to keep looking for a better option.

4. Sell on ebay: 

Aside from friends, family, or the local options.. selling your old cell phone on ebay can be the next best option. Ebay really is the worlds largest current marketplace and you can just about count on a great retail price if you list your device correctly. You also won’t have to deal with any strangers face to face. However while ebay is a great venue, and has made it fairly easy for the average person to successfully sell something online, the downside is you will need to put in a bit of work to get the actual cash from your sale.

If you don’t already have one, setting up a complete/confirmed ebay account is not something accomplished in one sitting or even one day. You will need to connect and confirm your bank and Paypal accounts, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks if you have any issues. After that, plan on waiting up to three weeks to actually receive your money in your PayPal account. This is due to policies for new members that hold your funds until your package is delivered and your customer is happy.

There are also more possible issues if your buyer wants to return the phone etc. Finally, after receiving funds into your paypal acct, you will need to withdraw the funds into your personal bank acct which will take another 3-5 days. So if you don’t mind the attention, time and effort that goes into selling your old cell phone on eBay then you will likely end up with a great price and overall good experience on eBay.

5. Sell online: 

This is where BuyMax (and others) come in. We can get cash (Paypal, Check or Amazon Gift Card) to you in as little as 3-6 days depending on the shipping and payment methods you choose. Yes there are definitely other online competitors but just shop around for price and you’ll find we’re always at the high end of all price ranges. We also have an awesome payment forecaster to tell you when to expect your payment. Its free to ship to us whether you want to print a label today, or wait for our free shipping kit. We also offer local cash pickup in our city of Bakersfield, CA with plans to add more cities as we expand our network of affiliates. If you do end up wanting to sell old cell phones online or off, always make sure you clear your esn before selling, so the next owner can activate it on their account. 

Of the above options we are currently one of the fastest ways(and getting faster) to sell old cell phones for the most actual cash without having to deal with a stranger face to face, without any negotiation, without setting up any accounts and without dealing with customer service. Just try us out today for a free quote on your old device!

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