iPhone 6 Leaked Images Hit the Internet

bgs1gwjcmaaqlrx-largeJust a day before Valentines the internet was buzzing with news of leaked images of Apples upcoming iPhone 6/air. Blogger Sonny Dickson was the source, and he has been widely acclaimed for reliable product leaks, especially when they are coming from Apple.

In these leaked images, you see the space gray version of iPhone 6. The phone looks like a cross between the latest iPod Touch model and iPad Air. It does look like it will have Touch ID similar to the 5S. Dickson further stated that these leaked photos of iPhone 6 show a much thinner housing. The screen is also definitely larger – a much anticipated move by Apple to compete with its archrival Samsung.

The only thing that is keeping us a little shaky on the authenticity of these images is Dickson’s own remarks on his blog. The blog states: “I’m not 100% sure this is the real back housing, but I’ll be updating it as I get more information regarding it.” Whatever we actually end up seeing will just have to wait for now. 

It’s also interesting to note that Dickson wasn’t the only one with leaked images. We saw tweets from different users, each posting new images of the alleged iPhone 6. We have already discussed the rumored specs that will feature in the upcoming iPhone and with the Wall Street Journal asking users to expect 2 phones from Apple later this year, the leaked images seem to be more authentic than not. Sources have also been reporting that the upcoming devices will feature a 4.5 inch or greater, and 5 inch display or greater respectively. Looking at the images we can say that these leaked photos are those of the 5 inch screen model.

We still have around 8 months more to wait before the next iPhone is unveiled and we are sure that there will be many more leaked images and rumored specs to come before that. For now we can all just wait for the next leaks and watch the rumours develop.

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