One More Day Until Apples Oct. 22nd Event, The Latest iPad 5 Rumors:

Theres just one more day until Apple unveils its newest iPad model and the internet is buzzing with rumors about what the new iPad will be like. So far, we expect it will likely be thinner, lighter, a bit more like the iPad mini, should come with a new updated smart cover, and will probably have Touch ID. Apple has already introduced the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to the iPhone 5s as a way to give people a secure and easier way to access their phones, so if Apple is serious about getting the touch ID accepted by other applications, then it would make sense to include it on as many new devices as possible, including the upcomming iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5th Generation.

However as the iPad 5 is expected to get a bit smaller, the iPad Mini 2 is expected to be a bit thicker than before, apparently just enough to support the potential new retina display on the Mini 2.  A lot of talk about the iPad Mini 2 has surrounded whether or not it will get a retina display, which is likely even though plenty of rear shells have appeared recently in a number of color options to match the iphone 5S with a new gold version, although nothing to suggest wheather or not the device will have a sharper screen. We’d also expect the upcoming iPad Mini 2 to have the same storage options before but with the possible addition of a 128GB mode.


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