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Cell Phones
Up To $1000
 Broken Failed Functions
 Poor Heavy Wear
 Good Normal Wear & Tear
 Flawless Mint Condition
 Brand New Factory Sealed/ Never Opened

Your device must meet all of the following conditions....

  • Cracked Glass Screen &/or LCD
  • Powers up, connects to itunes (black screen ok)
  • Bad/Blocked/Financed ESN (NOT STOLEN)
  • Bad button(s) or speaker issues but still turns on, semi-working.
  • May have been previously repaired or taken apart. If repaired: All original hardware required
  • Software issues/restore errors.
  • NOTE: Completely Dead/busted device/ Water damage of any amount will take off an additional $50-$100 depending on model- Contact support@ for dead or water damaged item price.
  • Heavily worn with deep scratching, chipped edges, heavy scuffs, dings or dents but still works perfectly
  • May have cracked glass but LCD needs to work
  • Touch ID working- iCloud cleared
  • All buttons and screen functions working perfectly
  • Never Repaired, all original parts
  • Clean ESN: (IMEI or MEID)
  • Light to average amount of wear
  • Faint scratches or other normal signs of light to moderate use
  • Never repaired or taken apart, all original parts
  • No functional issues or water damage
  • Touch ID working- iCloud Cleared
  • Clean esn: (IMEI or MEID)
  • Perfect condition but used, not new
  • No scratches, scuffs, dents, smudges or wear of any kind. Clean, looks never used
  • Never repaired or taken apart - All original parts
  • No functional issues or water damage
  • Touch ID working- iCloud Cleared
  • Clean esn: (IMEI or MEID)
  • Factory Sealed in box
  • If opened box, factory seals have never been removed
  • Has all original, sealed accessories in original box
  • Perfect condition - No signs of use or scratching
  • Touch ID working- iCloud Cleared
  • Clean esn: (IMEI or MEID)
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BuyMax helps you quickly sell your used Cell phone, iPhone or iPad for cash! Find out how the whole trade-in process works or just read some of our reviews.

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What is BuyMax?

BuyMax allows you to quickly sell your used ipad for cash online in a few easy steps! BuyMax allows you to see the value of your iPad (all iPad models including iPad Mini, iPadi Air, iPad 3rd Generation and iPad 4th Generation) so you know exactly how much you will get paid and when you will get paid.

How Can I sell my iPhone?

We make selling your old or used iPad a no brainer with MybuyMax. Simply Choose your iPad model, the current carrier, the condition of the device and how you would like to get paid. We will take care of all the rest and advise you on the payment day and the amount that you are entitled to receive for your iPad.

What can I sell to BuyMax?

In addition to the Apple products which include the iPad, iPod, and iPhone 4, 5 & 6 we accept most smart phones and android devices from major cell phone carriers. Simply select your device from our list of accepted smart phone and receive an instant cash offer in a few steps!

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