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iOS 7.1 Finally Released: iPhone 4 Performance Enhancements, Nav Audio Improvements, Plus Small Additions

iOS 7.1 has been in beta for awhile now, but Apple has finally released the udpate. The new 7.1 is really the first major update since iOS 7 was introduced with the iPhone 5S in 2013, and there are a number of new features  aside from the usual bug fixes such as a few new UI tweaks, CarPlay and apparently […]

How to turn off Activation Lock on iOS7:

iOS7 has quickly become a typically well-liked companion to the Apple iPhone, but there are some new features that have gone a bit under the radar. One of those is the new activation lock feature attached to your iCloud account, specifically “Find My iPhone”. Essentially, once Find my iPhone is turned on, so is activation lock and if your phone […]

Welcome to Buymax!

Welcome to the BuyMax blog! We offer instant price quotes for used smartphones/tablets, an awesome payment forecaster so you know when to expect payment, and local cash drop off by appointment in our city of Bakersfield, CA. Here we will provide you with business updates and useful, interesting industry related information as we go. We currently offer some of the highest […]

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