What is a BAD ESN, MEID or IMEI number and how do I find them?

On all major carriers you need to have a clean ESN or Electronic Serial Number, in order for the next person to activate and use your device. The MEID and IMEI are simply acronyms for the ESN, so they all stand for the same thing.

The 3 main reasons a phone will have a BAD ESN is:

  • The device is still active on a US carrier, with a phone number still attached.
  • An overdue balance is still owed on the current owners account.
  • The device has been reported Lost or Stolen.

To check MEID/IMEI on iPhones/iPads:
-Go to: Settings/ General / About
-On sim tray(iPhone 4-4s)
-Back of iPhone 5

To check MEID/IMEI on Android phones:
-Go to: Settings/ About Phone/ Phone Status
-Behind the battery

At BuyMax, a clean ESN is needed for you to get any price higher than poor condition, even if your device is in mint condition. Also, if your device comes up lost/stolen we will not buy the device, and it will be returned to you. Please check your ESN before selling to us with your wireless carrier or at checkesnfree.com

Before sending a phone to BuyMax, please make sure:

  • Your phone is completely disconnected from your wireless service account.
  • You don’t have an unpaid balance due on your account with your wireless provider.
  • You haven’t reported the phone lost or stolen in the past.
  • You remove any passcode or lock-code on your phone.
  • You remove any personal data you wish to save.

Again, BuyMax does not accept any cell phones that have been reported lost or stolen!

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