Where Can I Sell My Old Cell Phone?


As consumers adapt to keep up with changing technology they are finding that their iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy type cell phones have retained enough value to make selling their previous model worth the extra time. There are many places which will Buyback your gently used newer model cell phone and give you a decent cash deal. Here we will take a look at some of the more popular (and not) ways to sell your cell phone.

In Person Options

Providing your model isn’t more than a year or two old – whatever its brand – it will usually be of some interest to shops and any local or online buyer who deals in used phone sales.

Here in Bakersfield, CA locals can bring their old iPhones, Samsung Galaxy cell phones or iPads to our PHone Pros office and sell their old cell phone quickly & easily, in the same day. Whenever your ready to bring in your device, we will inspect whichever cell phone or device you bring into our Bakersfield office, and pay cash for it on the spot, just remember to bring a valid CA ID. Phone Pros is local to Bakersfield, California but we also offer mail-in services across the country.

We will definitely give you a fair and honest price evaluation. You can then decide how you would like your money – we can give you cash if you come in person. For online orders we offer a Check, paypal, or Amazon gift cards for your used iPhone or Android device.

In a comparison between Phone Pros , pawn shops, and ecoATM in the same area of California, using an iPhone 5s 16gb AT&T network, your best deal is through BuyMax. Our price for you would be around $215 providing that it had a light to average amount of wear, no more than faint scratches and signs of light to moderate use. It must never have been repaired or taken apart and include all the original parts, must be in functional order and without water damage, and finally a clean ESN (IMEI or MEID).

In the phone book, look in the yellow pages business listing section under Pawn Shops. Call first to see if they are interested. If your pawn shop is not interested in taking a cell phone, you could ask them where can I sell my iPhone 4?  Pawn shops will only do in-person quotes but one area owner said they are seeing an influx of electronics and not currently looking for more. Another answer to the question of where can I sell my iPhone 4 in person would be a used cell phone dealer location.

What you need to know about pawn shops, kiosks, and used cell phone dealers is that you will generally get 40-50% of the price you would get from Phone Pros. So the $215 you might receive from us would be turned into $108 or so if you went through a pawn shop or used cell phone dealer.

ecoATM, a kiosk where you put your phone into a tray for an assessment, offers only $18 to $130 for your iPhone 5s 16 GB device compared to our price of $215. If the kiosk detects damage or a phone ‘too old’ you may not get a dime.

Other places you can sell include Craigslist, Carrier Trade-In (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and Recycling Facilities. Craigslist allows you to list your phone locally. On the other hand, unless you really intend to research what your iPad model or Motorola Phone and features are worth it can be easy to out-price yourself so that no one will buy, or under-price yourself and not get the real value from your phone. Using the same city in California for comparison ads currently listed sell iPad I with 32GB for $150; iPad II for $150 and iPad IV for $200. Confused yet?

Carrier Trade-In can often give you the lowest value, they’ll take your year or two old phone and ‘give’ you a new one ‘free’ on a contract. If you have gotten back estimates that your phone is no longer of value, another consideration is a recycling drop off facility. You won’t get any money back for your phone, but you will be doing your part for the environment and that should put a smile on your face.

Online Options

You might be wondering what the options are for sales over the internet, or where can I sell my iPad for cash online? The world of online sales can be tough to navigate. With a full online sales component, BuyMax works a little differently than the other online cell phone and iPod sales sites.

In addition to a Help Center with Customer Ticket functions, Phone Pros has a live online chat to answer questions immediately because we don’t want you to feel stuck when doing business with us. Options for payment after the sale of your iPad or iPod are check in addition to Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

Other options for online sales are places like Usell and Gazelle. While Phone Pros offers $215 for your iPhone 5s with 16GB, Usell will give you $176 and Gazelle’s base price is $150. (at time of writing)

So what are my options – where can I sell my iPad for cash? There are online sites which will make an offer and all you have to do is ship the phone to them, at their expense. Our price for an iPad III with 16GB on the AT&T Network is $125. Usell offers $95 and Gazelle offers $101. We offer you a post-paid shipping label which you can print off yourself or we will mail you a complementary shipping kit with all of the packaging to securely send your phone to us.

What About My Non-Apple Cell Phone?

At Phone Pros we will accept Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, LG and even Motorola models of cell phone. We like the idea of helping keep e-waste out of our landfills and after we have purchased your old cell phone we will repair or remarket it to those who are interested in a used model. Consistently getting you the highest prices for your cell phone and other devices is important to us.

If you are going for convenience and ease of transaction, then Phone Pros may be the place to sell all of your iPhone, iPod, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, or Motorola cell phones. We have the highest buyback prices after a thorough comparison. Customer service is important to us, so we offer several means of contacting someone if you have any questions during the process of selling your us your phone.

Please remember that at Phone Pros we are a company specializing in the purchase of gently used cell phones, iPads, iPods and more. We are constantly evaluating prices and options to keep up to date with the value of the devices we will buy so that you get the best deal for your dollars.

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