Will The iPhone 6 Feature IGZO Screen Technology?

Sharp-and-Qualcomm-IGZO-displaysIf recent rumors are to be taken seriously, Apple Inc. is considering a switch to IGZO screens with the launch of upcoming iPhone 6. Ever since the commercial production of these screens by Sharp, there have been strong speculations that it would be included as a strategy to counter Samsung’s OLED screen technology.

Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) is a state-of-the-art technology in screen productions, which was recently mastered by Sharp. Sharp claims that this technology offers a much higher resolution in comparison to the LCD IPS displays (up to four times that of conventional full-HD or 1080p LCDs). While IGZO might be on par with OLEDs, technology pundits reckon it to be more energy efficient. With the surface as flexible as plastic sheets and as thin as paper, IGZO is considered the perfect technology to rival with LG’s bendable screens.

A possibility of Apple Inc. adopting IGZO screens didn’t seem so realistic 12 months ago, due to the financial constraints the Japanese manufacturer had. However, with the commercial production finally underway, the possibility of California based technology giant having these on their next model seem more probable.

iPhones have always been credited as the pioneers in screen display quality and touch sensitivity. Apple is particularly very proud of their Retina Display, which they claim to be unmatched and unparalleled in clarity, pixel density, contrast and resolution. Users and critics alike have also consistently praised every model of the iPhone series to be spot on with touch sensitivity – offering the best user experience. If Sharp are to believed with their claims on IGZO technology, then it seems to be a deal Apple should seriously consider.

There are many things, however, for Apple Inc. to consider and while IGZO seems the perfect match, it might be a costlier and less likely alternative to the already embraced OLED technology. To make things even more unsure, iDownloadBlog recently reported that Apple has already hired LG Display’s OLED expert. But when it comes to surprises, Apple sure lives up to the expectations. Also, the plain fact that they usually adopt a technology that is unique and exclusive to themselves alone might work in IGZO’s favor.

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